Tubal Ligation Reversal Patients: Things to Consider

Tubal Ligation Reversal Patients Things to ConsiderThe high success rate of tubal reversal surgery (as high as 90% in women under 40 years of age) has made the procedure quite popular among women wanting to reverse their tubal ligations.  Tubal reversal involves reconnecting a woman’s fallopian tubes which facilitates union between egg and sperm, thereby making pregnancy possible again.

Tubal reversal surgery permanently reverses a woman’s sterilization, meaning many couples conceive more than one child after a tubal ligation reversal surgery. The number of couples having more than one baby after tubal reversal is an often-ignored issue. Conceiving a child long after tubal reversal can be surprising to a couple that was not actively trying to conceive. Their success could be because the couple was not worried about getting pregnant. Although this is not a medically-confirmed answer, it does prove true in many cases. The probability of successfully conceiving after tubal ligation reversal is quite high, hence having more than one baby after the surgery is not surprising for many couples.

If you are considering tubal reversal surgery, it is important that you consider the chance of having more than one child after the reversal. Discuss with your physician your birth control options after having a child if you don’t desire additional pregnancies.

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