Tubal Ligation Reversal: How Does Age Affect Pregnancy Rates?

Tubal Ligation Reversal How Does Age Affect Pregnancy RatesTubal reversals are on the rise. Women are learning about the high success rates and affordability that tubal reversal surgery promises. Combine that with a quick recovery time, and we are a busy office!

Our patients often want to know about their chances of pregnancy after a tubal Ligation reversal surgery. While studies show that 70-85% of tubal reversal patients report pregnancies after surgery, this is an average. Multiple factors affect tubal reversal success rates, and each individual is different. Unfortunately, pregnancy can never be guaranteed.

Which Factors Affect Tubal Reversal Success Rates?

Success rates vary by age, previous ligation performed, and medical condition. Today, we are focusing on how age affects a woman’s chance of pregnancy after a tubal reversal.

It’s important to note that pregnancy becomes more difficult with age whether or not you have had a tubal reversal. The age factor is not because of the tubal reversal, but because as women age, pregnancy becomes more complicated.

A chart by the Fertility Sourcebook shows how fertility declines with age. Women aged 20-24 years are expected to have an 86% chance of conceiving, while those aged 40-44 years have a 36% chance.

The decline in fertility is apparent in tubal ligation reversal patients, as well. A study done last year on women who had had tubal reversal surgery in the last 20 years showed that,on average, 85% of women who had tubal reversals had achieved pregnancy. However, the rates vary widely by age. Women 40 and under had a 90% pregnancy success rate, while those older than 40 reported a 54% success rate.

What Does This Mean?

As research shows, it does become harder for women to conceive as they age. There are also higher chances of birth defects. This is simply because as women age, so do their eggs. It has nothing to do with whether or not they have had a tubal ligation or tubal reversal.

Just as the majority of women under 40 have healthy babies, the vast majority of women over 40 have perfectly healthy babies as well. We see it happen all the time! If you are considering having tubal reversal surgery, your chances of conceiving actually are improved if you decide to have your tubal reversal surgery performed sooner rather than later.

Having tubal reversal surgery can be a hard decision. If you are considering a tubal reversal contact our office at (985) 702-BABY (2229) or for a free consultation or more information. We respect that this is a big decision for any family, and are here to provide you with information so you can make an informed decision. Call us today!

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