The Lowest Cost Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery in the US

The Lowest Cost Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery in the USTubal ligation reversal cost is an important factor for women who are considering the surgery.

What are the benefits of tubal reversal surgery?

Tubal reversals are a wonderful option for women who want to reverse their tubal ligation. They allow women to conceive naturally, and conceive as many times as possible. Additionally, tubal reversal surgery is a one-time procedure that lasts only 90 minutes, requires no overnight stay in the hospital, and has a quick recovery period.Tubal ligation reversal surgery with Dr. Morice also has a high success rate. An average of 70% of patients get pregnant after a tubal reversal surgery.

How much does a tubal reversal cost?

The cost of tubal reversal surgery ranges depending on the doctor and the type of surgery performed.Dr. Morice is proud to offer the lowest priced tubal reversal surgery in the US.

Tubal reversal surgery with Dr. Morice costs only $5,250. That includes all pre- and post-operative care, anesthesia, and surgical suite fees. There are no hidden fees to this cost.

Dr. Morice also uses the latest technology and techniques for your tubal reversal. Dr. Morice uses microsurgery to perform a tubal reanastomosis, or what we know as a tubal reversal. This is a delicate technique that is performed using a microscope and requires much skill.

Microsurgical tubal reversal allows for a minimally invasive surgery and a detailed view of a woman’s fallopian tubes for an accurate reconnection. Dr. Morice makes only a 2-inch incision below the bikini line. He then skillfully removes the blocked portion of the tubes and reconnects the remaining two segments.

How does Dr. Morice keep his tubal reversal cost so low?

Because Dr. Morice performs microsurgical tubal reversals, no overnight stay is required for his patients. They are allowed to go home after a couple hours after surgery. This is huge benefit to our patients. They are able to recover in the comfort of their home, and it helps keep the cost of the procedure down.

Dr. Morice also performs tubal reversals so often that the hospital gives him a discount on the surgical suite. This also helps the cost of tubal reversal surgery remain low.

Interested in low cost tubal reversal surgery with Dr. Morice?

If you are interested in having a tubal reversal, we want to talk to you! Call our office today to speak with one of our skilled nurses at (985) 702-BABY (2229). Prefer email? Email us at We are here to help you have a successful tubal reversal!

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