7 Reasons Why Dr. Morice Is The Best For Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery

Dr. Morice is the best for tubal reversal surgery7 Reasons why Dr. Morice and the Atchafalaya Tubal Reversal Clinic are your best choice for tubal reversal surgery

Our patients always tell us that we are the best choice for a tubal reversal surgery. But, if you haven’t been to our office or met Dr. Morice, you may not understand why.

Below is a list of features and benefits that you will experience as a patient at the Atchafalaya Tubal Reversal Clinic.

1)    Lowest Cost Tubal Reversal in the USA

Dr. Morice performs outpatient, microsurgical tubal reversals for only $5,250.

This fee covers the entire package, including pre- and post-operative appointments, anesthesia, surgical suite, and the surgery itself.

Dr. Morice performs tubal reversal surgeries so often that the surgery center gives him a discounted rate, allowing him to offer the surgery at a lower cost than anyone else. Dr. Morice’s patients that travel from out of town also get a special discounted rate at hotels near the hospital, helping make the trip more affordable.

1)    In-House Laboratory

Dr. Morice included an in-house laboratory with his patients in mind when designing the Atchafalaya clinic. Being able to do blood work and other lab tests in-house saves you time: no running to a lab across town before your next appointment.

2)    State-of-the-art Equipment

The Atchafalaya clinic, built in 2003, has high-quality imaging equipment to ensure the best imaging possible for you and your family for both tubal reversals and your pregnancy.

3)    Outpatient Procedure

A tubal reversal by Dr. Morice is an outpatient procedure, meaning no overnight hospital stay. This saves you money and allows you to sleep in your own bed after the surgery. If you are traveling from more than a 4-hour drive away, there are multiple comfortable hotels that offer a special discounted rate to Dr. Morice’s patients.

4)    Talented Staff

When you choose the Atchafalaya clinic for your tubal reversal, you are also choosing to have a staff of 22 talented nurses support you along the way. Our nurses are here to answer any questions you may have about tubal reversal surgery and ensure you are comfortable and taken care of at all times. They also assist in setting up payment plans, making tubal reversal an option for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

5)    Skilled Surgeon

Choosing Dr. Morice for your tubal reversal surgery means choosing one of the best tubal reversal surgeons in the world. Dr. Morice has been performing microsurgical tubal reversals since 2000, and has performed the procedure over 1000 times. His refined surgical skill allows him to reverse all types of tubal ligations and restore even short tubal segments, leading to higher pregnancy success rates for his patients.

6)    Friendly Atmosphere

The Atchafalaya clinic feels like home. You are more than a patient at our clinic; you are a member of our family. We take care of you before and after your procedure, and are always excited to hear about your pregnancies and growing family through the years.

If you are considering having a tubal reversal or want to learn more about the surgery and our clinic, please contact us at or call (985) 702-BABY (2229)

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