Why Travel to the Atchafalaya Clinic for your Tubal Reversal?

Why Travel to the Atchafalaya Clinic for your Tubal ReversalIf you are considering tubal reversal surgery, you may wonder why people travel from around the world to the Atchafalaya clinic to have theirs done. Why not go to a local doctor instead?

Deciding to have a tubal ligation reversal is a big decision for any family, and with it comes the hope of more children in the family. And because Medicare or insurance companies rarely cover the surgery, it can often take families years to save up for.

With so much on the line, it’s important to have the best tubal reversal surgeon perform your procedure to ensure you are under the best possible care before, during, and after the surgery.

Dr. Moriceis the best tubal reversal doctor in the country. He was trained in tubal reversal surgery at West Virginia University, and has been performing them since 2000. He has performed the procedure over 1,000 times. Dr. Morice is highly skilled at reconnecting fallopian tubes of all lengths using microsurgery, which means quick recoveries and high pregnancy success rates for his patients.

Best PriceFamilies also travel to the Atchafalaya clinic for tubal reversals because Dr. Morice offers tubal reversals at the lowest price in the country.  A fee of $5,250 covers your surgery, anesthesia, surgery suite, and all pre- and post-operative appointments.

We are able to offer tubal reversals at such a low cost because Dr. Morice performs so many tubal reversals that the hospital gives him a discounted rate. Additionally, Dr. Morice performs outpatient tubal reversals, so there is no need to pay for an overnight stay in the hospital. And for those traveling from more than 4 hours away, Dr. Morice’s patients get discounted rates at nearby hotels so they can rest up and return home the day after surgery.

Dr. Moricealso accepts CareCredit, which helps patients finance their tubal reversals. This allows patients to have their surgery sooner and is an option that many patients enjoy.

While there may be doctors near you that perform tubal reversals, most doctors have limited experience in tubal reversal. They also can be much more expensive, especially if the procedure requires a hospital stay. Nowhere in the country can you find the combination of skill, technology, and affordability that Dr. Morice and the Atchafalaya clinic offer.

Dr. Morice and the Atchafalaya clinic are located in Morgan City, Louisiana, which is a short drive from New Orleans. While it may be hard to understand why one would travel for a procedure as simple as a flu shot, it’s easy to see why our patients travel so far to have Dr. Morice perform their tubal reversal.

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