Tubal Reversal: Is it for me?

Tubal-Reversal-Surgery-Is-it-for-meA report sponsored by the National Center for Health Statistics found that “For women age 30 and older, female sterilization was the most common form of birth control.”

Female sterilization is a good option for women who no longer want children. But many women find themselves wanting children again after they have had their tubes tied. Others report suffering from post-tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS). Tubal reversal surgery helps restore a woman’s fertility, allowing her to conceive naturally and ease the symptoms of PTLS.

What is a tubal reversal surgery?

Tubal reversal surgery is a low-cost, permanent solution for women with tubal ligations who want to have children again or relieve symptoms of PTLS. Dr. Morice specializes in microsurgical tubal reversal surgery. His procedure requires no overnight stay in the hospital and costs only $5,250.

How is a tubal reversal performed?

To perform a tubal reversal, Dr. Morice removes the portion of the fallopian tube that was blocked by the ligation. The two remaining tubal segments are reconnected to form one open tube. This is done on both fallopian tubes.

Why do women want tubal reversal surgery?

The majority of our patients want a tubal reversal for one of two reasons.

The most common reason for a tubal reversal is to have more children. A woman’s circumstances may have changed since her ligation – she may have met a new man or experienced a life-altering event – and although she thought she was done having children, she is not. Tubal reversal restores a woman’s fertility, allowing her to conceive as many times as she is able to.

A second reason is to relieve the symptoms of post-tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS). Symptoms of PTLS include heavy bleeding, cramping, and intense mood swings after a tubal ligation. While the causes of PTLS remain unknown, many patients report a vast improvement in their symptoms after their fertility is restored through a tubal reversal.

How do women pay for tubal reversal surgery?

Dr. Morice offers tubal reversal surgery for $5,250. This is the lowest priced tubal reversal in the nation! We understand that this is still a large amount of money and it may be a challenge to come up with the funds. This is why Dr. Morice accepts CareCredit. CareCredit allows our patients to finance their surgery. This way, they can have it done when they are ready instead of waiting until they have all of the money. CareCredit has low financing fees and you can apply online for an instant approval. Visit their website at more about saving up for the surgery on our previous blog post.

If you’re interested in tubal reversal surgery, contact our office at (985) 702-BABY (2229) or

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