Tubal Reversal Fertility: How to Measure Your Basal Body Temperature

Tubal-Reversal-Fertility-How-to-Measure-Your-Basal-Body-TemperatureMany of our tubal reversal patients want to do everything possible to boost their fertility. One technique that is highly effective is charting your basal body temperature. This allows you to keep track of your ovulation and your most fertile time of the month.

What is basal body temperature?

Your basal body temperature is your body’s temperature when you are completely at rest. Most women experience a slight drop in temperature (tenths of a degree) before ovulation, and a slight rise after. Therefore, charting your BBT and noticing this slight change in temperature helps identify your most fertile days of the month.

How do I track my BBT?

First, you will need a digital basal body thermometer. A basal body thermometer looks like any other thermometer, but it is very sensitive. It registers precise temperatures from 96-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, you will need to track and chart your basal body temperature. There are a couple of rules to follow to get the most accurate results:

1)     Use your thermometer first thing in the morning, before you even get out of bed. You can take your temperature orally, vaginally, or rectally, but be sure to do it the same way every day once you start.

2)     Measure your temperature at the same time every day. Set an alarm if needed to avoid sleeping in past your temperature-taking time.

3)     Make sure you’ve had at least 3 continuous hours of sleep before taking your temperature.

4)     Mark your temperatures on your chart. Most basal thermometers come with a chart for you to fill out. Below is an example of a completed chart from You can download a blank chart here.How to Measure Your<br /> Basal Body Temperature

5)     Some women, but not all, will notice a slight drop in their BBT (example to the right). If you notice a drop in your temperature, have sex. This likely indicates that you will soon ovulate. The 2-3 days before ovulation are a woman’s most fertile days of her cycle.

Our tubal reversal patients have, on average, a 70% pregnancy success rate after surgery. An important part of conception is having sex at the right time. Charting your BBT helps ensure that you’re having sex when it’s most important.

If you are interested in a tubal reversal surgery, please contact our office at (985) 702-BABY or We have a staff of highly skilled nurses that can answer any of your tubal reversal questions and help you set up an appointment with Dr. Morice.

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