Can Blocked Fallopian Tubes Be Unblocked?

Can Blocked Fallopian Tubes Be Unblocked 1It is is possible for women todevelop blocked fallopian tubes, which can make it difficult for a couple to become pregnant.Luckily, blocked tubes can typically be unblocked, allowing for natural conception.

Tubes Blocked by Surgery

A common cause of blocked fallopian tubes is when women have elected to have a tubal ligation. A tubal ligation is a surgery that purposefully blocks a woman’s fallopian tubes, such as inserting clips or rings. This prevents a woman’s eggs from being fertilized by sperm, thereby sterilizing her.

Tubes Blocked by Scar Tissue

Blocked fallopian tubes can also be naturally causedby scar tissue that has developed in the fallopian tubes. Pelvic infections, abdominal infections, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancies, and salpingitisisthmicanodosa(SIN) can cause scar tissue in the fallopian tubes.

Can Blocked Tubes be Unblocked?

Luckily, Dr. Morice can repair blocked fallopian tubes with tubal surgery. The type of surgery depends on the cause of your tubal blockage and where it is in your fallopian tube. If you have had a tubal ligation, Dr. Morice will perform tubal ligation reversal surgery.

What Is Tubal Reversal Surgery?

Dr. Morice specializes in outpatientmicrosurgical tubal reversal surgery. The surgery lasts about 90 minutes. During the surgery, Dr. Morice removes the blocked portion of your fallopian tube and reconnects the remaining open portions, leaving an open fallopian tube for your egg to pass through for fertilization. This allows women to naturally conceive again.

What Are The Success Rates?

If you have blocked fallopian tubes but want to have more children, it is very likely that they can be repaired and you can again conceive children.

While many factors determine a woman’s chance at pregnancy after a tubal reversal, the average pregnancy success rate after a tubal reversal surgery for women under 40 is 70%.

If you have blocked tubes and are considering this surgery, please contact us at (985) 702-BABY (2229) or email us at to speak with our nurses. We offer free consultations, during which we evaluate your medical history and current medical condition to determine if you are a good candidate for tubal reversal or tubal surgery.

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